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Road transport - direct freight - FTL and LTL

Are you looking for national or international direct services which guarantee quick and on-time transportation?

KN EuroDirect is the solution you need. We will collect your full or part truck load freight from your doorstep, and deliver it to its final destination in the same vehicle, without cross-docking at a terminal. Less handling means greater security and more reliable lead times for your goods.

Our established "milk run" system avoids additional costs that are normally associated with one-way deliveries.

As your partner, we feel responsible for fulfilling your promises to your customers and business partners across Europe.

With over 8,000 specialists in more than 180 locations across the continent, we can provide you with the confidence and security you need in a service as we combine our global expertise with local knowledge.

Choose KN EuroDirect for shipments:

  • exceeding the weight of 3 tons and a load capacity of 2.4 meters
  • exceeding the maximum dimensions of the packaging in groupage transport

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.