KN Login streamlines the information flow with your partners by providing collaborative solutions on a common platform. This tighter integration of systems, processes and people enhances the interaction with all parties involved.

The interactive delivery planner (IDP) offers real-time online planning. It minimises communication, optimally supports delivery planning for FCL and LCL seafreight shipments and enables the prioritisation of deliveries. Available 24/7, the KN Login booking tool makes placing bookings much more flexible.

KN Login can improve your productivity and efficiency by offering a secure environment to connect shippers, consignees, Kuehne + Nagel and third-party service providers.

KN Login Booking

KN Login Booking offers a convenient, fast and efficient means of booking your shipments online, opening the door to a range of integrated information management services unmatched in the logistics industry.

KN Login Booking is a web-based tool accessible through a standard browser and internet connection, and not requiring any additional software installation.

KN Login Booking helps to manage:

  • Ordering process
  • Customer profiles
  • Shipment documents
  • Future bookings by automatically creating reusable templates
  • Monitoring of your shipments

Key facts

  • Web interface customisable to the individual needs of each client and its own customers (including monitoring and booking)
  • Interactive address list of all used contacts – automatic selection from the database
  • Automated printing of labels containing detailed information about the shipment based on your needs
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Reports and statistics which ensure transparency and visibility over your shipments
  • Increased efficiency by less telephone and email communication

Value added services

Smooth collaboration with your partners for optimised product and information flow

  • Speeds up processes through easy interaction and communication between all parties involved
  • Confidential information can be protected by implementing role-based data access levels
  • Facilitates group-wide consistent data sharing to enable efficient and well-informed decision making
  • Increases planning and implementation efficiency as well as reliability by replacing manual processes with system-driven workflows
  • Easy integration into KN Login of all parties in the procurement and distribution process